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Andrew Lincoln: Actor

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I sometimes forget that the characters in my “stories” have had previous acting jobs. Which means that this adorable Brit:

Went on to become this Georgian corpse-killer:

While we can all agree that Andrew Lincoln is totally dreamy (even if he’s grown a bit skeletal himself since he started his Walking Dead stint) I think after tonight’s episode I’m firmly on Shane’s side – if you’re not busting zombie heads, you clearly have no interest in survival anymore.

Thermal Thoughts

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High-fashion onesie

This morning I had to take two dogs for a walk when it was 37 degrees. I know that’s not exceptionally cold if you’re Canadian or a penguin, but I could barely get myself out of bed, much less find enough layers to ensure I wouldn’t freeze the second I made it outside. For whatever reason, I get cold way faster than the population at large, and until I can afford winter trips to Cabo, it’s all about thermal shirts and long johns for me. I’ve been scouring stores, and the only real options are the AA thermals, the Uniqlo HeatTech line (oooh, science), or this stunning one-piece Fair Isle contraption from Japan…

(How do you go to the bathroom in this?)

One of the nice things about quitting smoking (I’m on my third week) is that I’m setting aside all the money I would  have spent on cigs, and instead buying something as a reward. So my plan is to buy a pair of long johns for every day of the week, and laugh in the face of the bitter elements.

April joined me for a photoshoot

Say hello to my weekend uniform.

Better Luck Next Year: A Coming Out Wish List

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Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, a great opportunity to stand up and be counted. Sadly, the following people forgot to mark their calendar. Damn! Technically, these boys could come out any day of the year. So here’s hoping.

Warning: Nude dudes below. It’s PG-13 though. You can handle it.

Levi Johnston, Author? – Because “Getting Levi’s Johnson” was so good (and his Playgirl shoot was such a tease), it had me thinking about the real thing.
Jake Gyllenhaal, Actor – Because I can’t separate fact from fiction, and I just can’t quit his star turn as doe-eyed cowboy Jack Twist.
George St Pierre, UFC Fighter – Because I can’t separate fact from friction, and it’s hard not to think dirty when he executes a Rear Naked Choke on a sweating, muscled man.
Prince Harry, Royal – Because whenever he’s in the States, I wish he’d take a break from flying helicopters, lose the fatigues and let me show him some American hospitality.
Dylan McDermott, Actor - Because he’s nude (and breathtaking) three times in the pilot for American Horror Story, and I bet he’d fill out that leather suit real nice.
Bear Grylls, Adventurer – Because I can think think of several ways to stay warm in the Sahara that DON’T involve disemboweling a camel.
And I’m sure I forgot some fantasy-inducing beefcake. Let me know in the comments.

The Good Things In “Pan Am”

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First off, this is an excellent song. I mean, it’s not exactly Eartha Kitt, but it gets across the slow, sultry vibe where the high hat sounds like it’s steam rising off the sidewalk. Did you guys see Pan Am yesterday? I had to, since Mad Men is so far away and I can’t survive indefinitely without weekly doses of Mid-century Modern.

It’s not fair to compare an ABC show with AMC’s output, so I won’t. Let’s just say it’ll do the trick for now. The score was a little hokey (not the pop songs, I mean the reheated Titanic strings that started soaring during take-off) and I don’t see why they felt the need to include espionage in the first episode. They spend a lot of time talking about how airline attendants are a “new breed of woman,” and they do all sort of act like sex-savvy polyglot models, so maybe that’s an accurate statement? I also can’t wait to learn more about Christina Ricci’s character, as she’s sort of a Boho Joan Holloway type who name drops Marx and Hegel.

This scene was really nice: if you’re going to be a runaway bride, may as well travel the world.

Also I’m speculating that the pilot and co-pilot are gay for each other. You can’t tell from this picture, but all that lingering eye contact and flirty banter speaks volumes.

If you’re interested, ABC (who are packaging the show pretty nicely) have made a Pandora station, which they’re calling the “tunes of the Jet Age.” Has a nice ring to it, right?

A parting question: Would this show have been made if a.) Mad Men weren’t postponed and b.) the TSA hadn’t made air travel completely hellish and sterile?


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Well, this is  how I want to look all the time. I don’t know if I’m more into the idea of britches or calf-high boots, but almost every look in Balmain’s Fall 2011 collection features these things (well, technically not britches, but the rolled jean with a bit of sock showing looks just as good). There are a whole lot of these vaguely military jackets with shiny buttons, as well as big ratty scarves and layered shirts and sweaters, which gives the collection a very sexy magpie feel. In fact, sexy magpie might be the look I go for this fall.

To be fair, my coworker was pretty on point when he said “All you have to do is accessorize with a chain that carries the One Ring.” Some of the looks are a bit Middle Earth, but I think it’s because the model looks like he just left the Shire.

Scarves as scarves, scarves as belts!

Leather jacket, fur collar. Rough and tumble luxe.

The designer responsible for Balmain’s comeback, Christophe Decarnin, recently left the company. He was, after all, making $6,000 jeans. I just hope whoever takes his places maintains this level of cool. Actually, maybe you can decide for yourself when you take a look at Balmain’s 2011 Spring collection. Not sure if that’s Decarnin or not, but you can find it here on

Seriously, where can I get those boots?

Your Retro Fix

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While I’m blathering on about magazine ads, here’s a fantastic one from Guess. Usually their ads are extreme and oversexed, and while this girl is certainly dressed to the nines, it’s sweet, not salacious.

Did people look like this in the ’40s? I mean, I know they weren’t constantly styled for photo shoots, and their waists weren’t the same circumference as telephone poles, but boy are those clothes great. It reminds me of the kind of photo The Sartorialist would shoot today (as opposed to the usual Guess fare – shirtless man in low-slung jeans humping on a woman in a studded bra with a beehive). Here are some genuine street style photos I found on The Fashion Spot.

That’s what the Guess ad is missing. HATS.


Tell me you’re not getting a Sex and the City vibe here. I think I spot a Samantha on the right…


Banana Republic: Too Mad For Mad Men

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I was enjoying my normal Saturday routine: G&Ts on the lounge chair in the back yard with the latest men’s mags, when I came across this Banana Republic ad in GQ.

OK, fine, Mad Men. I dig that just as much as any of human being out there. I love the show, I LOVE the costumes – I even went so far as to download the characters’ individual playlists on iTunes – that’s how taken I am with a mid-century modern lifestyle (no, I didn’t not craft a personal Mad Men avatar, but I was tempted).

The thing is, Banana Republic has been going Mad  for three years now. They started out with a ‘casting call’ promo in 2009. Then they rolled out their capsule collection in 2010 (I remember this in particular because I urged a straight friend to glean his whole wardrobe here). And now, in 2011, they’re putting out a third collection, even though the next season of Mad Men likely won’t materialize until 2012.

This show caused a bit of a style revolution, and I’m totally in favor of gents getting more dapper. The looks – a few of which I’m posting below – are still great, if extremely grey.

No arguments here, even if they are eschewing some of the preppier, Pete Campbell flourishes for The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit-style tailoring and homogeneity.

I just think it’s a bit lame that BR hasn’t come up with anything more exciting for the past three years than Mad Men. If I think your novelty capsule collection is starting to look familiar, maybe it’s time to change it up.

And for those of you trying to cultivate a little MM panache – try a vintage shop. It’ll be a whole lot more fun.


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