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Galley of the Dolls

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Barbarella, intergalactic peacekeeper, takes a lot of abuse in this movie. The creepiest part is definitely when she’s tied in the galley of a spaceship and attacked by a gaggle of evil dolls ravening for human flesh.

It’s kind of like if all the smiling ethnic audioanimatronic kiddies in “It’s A Small World” suddenly turned into doll-zombies.

Sure, just a cute tribe of Sioux. Until they start tearing at your fishnets with their snapping steel jaws.

Barbarella vs the Excessive Machine

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Having posted an exhaustive amount of Barbarella photos, I think it’s time you see the intergalactic peace-keeper in action. Here, she is tortured by the Excessive Machine, which is supposed to make her die of pleasure.

This, friends, is sci-fi sexploitation at its finest.


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A nice segue from my last vampire post.

A Boy and His Dog

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A future I sort of hope to see.

I’ve been reading about Fallout: New Vegas, an upcoming release in a video game series that pushes all my geek buttons (remember this?) and in the process I remembered this movie – A Boy and His Dog. I’ve actually been trying to watch this 1975 film for about a year, but I’ll admit I haven’t been trying hard enough. First, watch this trailer (unless you suffer from epilepsy, in which case, move right on down).

Trippy, right? Don’t you love the 70’s? When they were putting out sleazy avant-garde stuff like this and Barbarella and no one batted a lash? A Boy and His Dog began as a short story by Harlan Ellison – a man with a Wikipedia page longer than the Constitution who seems to me like a cross between Ray Bradbury and Hunter S. Thompson. Like most things that interest me, the story is set in an alternate history – post-apocalyptic America in 2024 – and follows the ramblings of Vic (Don Johnson, later to star in Miami Vice) and his dog as they scour the depopulated landscape for women to bed and popcorn to eat.

I could write more, but I’ll leave you with this picture and the assurance that I never plug a movie that doesn’t feature at least one attractive male lead. You can find the entire thing in ten-minute segments on YouTube, if that’s your style.

Doggie treat.

Barbarella Psychedella

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I don't think this was in the movie, but whatevs

Me Tarzan. You Jane.

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Venus in Shag

I can’t even explain Barbarella, so I’ll have to do it with pictures.


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