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SS ’13 Menswear: Birds/Blooms

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Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 12.54.38 PM

I know what you’re thinking: “Florals? For spring. Groundbreaking.” And you’ve got me there. But there’s a damn good reason this happens every year. We’re suffering from color anemia. You can’t live off navy peacoats and heathered gray everything indefinitely. Even if it’s still snowing out, any of the items above will put you in a warm-weather mentality at half the cost of a trip to the Caribbean. Here are three quick favorites…

1. Profound Aesthetic 5-Panel Cap

Do not be distracted by the model (or do, briefly). Profound Aesthetic has a lot of great stuff in their newest lookbook, but this cap is doubly covetable for the 5-panel construction and suede flat brim.


2. AMI Bird Print Cotton Twill Shorts

Alexandre Mattiussi’s menswear line is French nonchalance made manifest. Proof that you can wear a bird print without looking like a peacock.

3. SUPREME x Vans Rose Print Sneaks

High Snobiety tipped me off to this collab, available in stores yesterday (you know what, they’re probably already sold out). Based off the album art for New Order’s 1983 Power, Corruption & Lies, they also look like any Baroque floral rendering, ever.

And speaking of Baroque: did you know Sofia Coppola (in her enduring wisdom) used New Order’s single ‘Age of Consent’ in Marie Antoinette? In wig choice alone, that woman owned the birds/blooms motif, so I think we’ve come full circle today, friends.

The Shadow Man

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Somedays it seems like you come across a previously unknown something (a word, a concept, a ghostly being) and the next thing you know this unknown something is  everywhere you look. I spent too much time last night on a blog called Pork Rhine. It’s a paranormal blog, run by a guy who generally debunks the kind of hoaxes believers go wild for.

I started reading about the shadow man. He usually shows up at night, standing by your bed or at the door, simply watching you. A lot of people who claim to see him also feel they’re unable to move for the duration of his appearance – this is probably just sleep paralysis, which is pretty common. It happens when you first wake up out of a deep sleep, and it feels as though something heavy is lying on your chest, a sensation best embodied in this fantastic Fuseli painting:

Note the gargoyle perched on the lady’s chest, stopping her from moving, while a white mare (you got it, a night-mare) peeks from behind.

Anyway, the shadow man seems to be everywhere, including the Dior ads in this month’s issue of Details. And in The Twilight Zone, surprise surprise. Click ahead to about 5:42 for the good stuff, though it never hurts to get a little backstory.

I don’t believe in this guy at all, but was intrigued Dior’s use of the same hallmarks in their ad. Sure, a flat-brimmed hat and a trench aren’t exactly rare in the fashion world, but there does seem to be a lot of shadow…

Boardwalk Love

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In case you were wondering, the soldier made it back from France and married ‘Baby T’ (which sounds like a great name for a female rapper). I know this because I found a photo of them today, all in love n’ shit and hanging on the boardwalk.

Everything here is adorable.

Not to go all Sartorialist, but I love her plaid skirt, and how he tucked his tie into his shirt, and how they’re just really attractive. I wish the resolution were a little better, but maybe if I’m feeling bold I’ll scan it in later. For now, drink in all this vintage romance.

Blog Crush: Contributing Editor

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Wish the Acrop looked like this...

Not so much a blog as an online magazine, Contributing Editor is one of those joints that are trailblazing the way for online publishing. From what I understand, they keep a pretty lively circulation of photographers, stylists, models and writers. Everyone’s a contributing editor, but there’s not much of a masthead. I’m a big fan of the Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Edelstein. He used to work at Details, and I definitely see the correlations between those old editorials and the stuff he’s coordinating now.

Damn boy.

And because it’s online, you get a lot of edgier photos without the pricetag of a coffee-table magazine or European import. Check it out!

For When You Need to Be Snooty: Foreign Films

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How do I know I’m snooty? None of the DVDs I asked for this year were American films. It’s a good thing Bush isn’t still in office, or I might have the Secret Service knocking on my door right now. Really though. Good stuff comes from Europe. Mostly because they’re not scared of kink and color. I got these three for Christmas, and I’ll probably be cycling through them again and again all spring.

1. La Mala Educacion – Almodovar

Sorry I couldn’t find a version with English subtitles, but that’s OK, the first time I saw it, I didn’t get any subtitles either. I watched this baby in theaters when I was abroad in Spain in 2004, and it’s basically a cocktail of all my favorite themes: Catholicism, homosexuality, boarding school, gender-bending, the 80’s, intrigue, extortion, and Gael Garcia Bernal. It’s also got a killer soundtrack.

2. Satyricon – Fellini

Roman satirist Petronius wrote his Satyricon in ancient times, and it only survives in fragments today. After catching this 1969 movie on late-night TV, I was so enthused I ended up buying a translation of those fragments and giving it a go. There are obvious similarities between text and film, but Fellini was most interested in the empty spaces between the fragments of Petronius’ writing. His version of Ancient Rome is debauched, colorful, bizarre and extremely unsettling. Instead of the trailer, this clip is from the Trimalchio dinner scene (fun fact: Fitzgerald’s failed first draft of Gatsby was titled Trimalchio, named after this legendary host). Best watched with while smoking. Anything.

3. Romeo & Juliet – Zeffirelli

There’s a lot to be said for the Baz Luhrman version, but even Leo DiCaprio can’t dissuade me from choosing Zeffirelli’s 1968 interpretation every time. The film won for Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design (the tights get my vote) and the leads, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, are actually the right age for the characters they play! I think it’s especially cool that before this movie’s release, Hussey and Whiting made the covers of the 1960’s equivalent of TigerBeat, and a whole generation of as-yet-unclassified tweens (and teens) flocked to the theaters. That’s one way to expose kids to Shakespeare.

There you have it. One Spaniard, two Italians, and a whole lotta crazy. Pick up your copies today. We can watch them separately and Tweet about it like the Web 2.0ers we’ve become.

Tom Ford is Making Me a Movie

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You can tell it’s for me, because there are hot dudes making out with each other, a lot of cigarettes, and tight 60’s style.

Check this trailer now and prepare for a screening, my place, on the release date.


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027028026Picked some up at the Arlington Street Fair. Helps me with my swagga.


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