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The Good Things In “Pan Am”

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First off, this is an excellent song. I mean, it’s not exactly Eartha Kitt, but it gets across the slow, sultry vibe where the high hat sounds like it’s steam rising off the sidewalk. Did you guys see Pan Am yesterday? I had to, since Mad Men is so far away and I can’t survive indefinitely without weekly doses of Mid-century Modern.

It’s not fair to compare an ABC show with AMC’s output, so I won’t. Let’s just say it’ll do the trick for now. The score was a little hokey (not the pop songs, I mean the reheated Titanic strings that started soaring during take-off) and I don’t see why they felt the need to include espionage in the first episode. They spend a lot of time talking about how airline attendants are a “new breed of woman,” and they do all sort of act like sex-savvy polyglot models, so maybe that’s an accurate statement? I also can’t wait to learn more about Christina Ricci’s character, as she’s sort of a Boho Joan Holloway type who name drops Marx and Hegel.

This scene was really nice: if you’re going to be a runaway bride, may as well travel the world.

Also I’m speculating that the pilot and co-pilot are gay for each other. You can’t tell from this picture, but all that lingering eye contact and flirty banter speaks volumes.

If you’re interested, ABC (who are packaging the show pretty nicely) have made a Pandora station, which they’re calling the “tunes of the Jet Age.” Has a nice ring to it, right?

A parting question: Would this show have been made if a.) Mad Men weren’t postponed and b.) the TSA hadn’t made air travel completely hellish and sterile?

Banana Republic: Too Mad For Mad Men

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I was enjoying my normal Saturday routine: G&Ts on the lounge chair in the back yard with the latest men’s mags, when I came across this Banana Republic ad in GQ.

OK, fine, Mad Men. I dig that just as much as any of human being out there. I love the show, I LOVE the costumes – I even went so far as to download the characters’ individual playlists on iTunes – that’s how taken I am with a mid-century modern lifestyle (no, I didn’t not craft a personal Mad Men avatar, but I was tempted).

The thing is, Banana Republic has been going Mad  for three years now. They started out with a ‘casting call’ promo in 2009. Then they rolled out their capsule collection in 2010 (I remember this in particular because I urged a straight friend to glean his whole wardrobe here). And now, in 2011, they’re putting out a third collection, even though the next season of Mad Men likely won’t materialize until 2012.

This show caused a bit of a style revolution, and I’m totally in favor of gents getting more dapper. The looks – a few of which I’m posting below – are still great, if extremely grey.

No arguments here, even if they are eschewing some of the preppier, Pete Campbell flourishes for The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit-style tailoring and homogeneity.

I just think it’s a bit lame that BR hasn’t come up with anything more exciting for the past three years than Mad Men. If I think your novelty capsule collection is starting to look familiar, maybe it’s time to change it up.

And for those of you trying to cultivate a little MM panache – try a vintage shop. It’ll be a whole lot more fun.

A Saturday Evening Post

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I bought myself a Saturday Evening Post from April of 1960.

(And this is a Saturday evening blog post – get it?)

As usual I haven’t read much of it because I keep getting distracted by the pretty pictures. They’re mostly gorgeous paintings, with a few poppy photos thrown in for good measure.

SO good-looking, right? I wish ads were still made like this. As a bonus, these images are pretty much analogous to the ads they made in the first season of Mad Men, since that season was set in 1960. Yes it’s lame, but I like to pretend Don Draper helped out with these. Or maybe Peggy. For comparison, here’s an image of Peggy’s promo board for Playtex:

Stay tuned for some sick car ads. Featuring a Cadillac El Dorado(!)

That Touch Of Mink

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This was on today and the styling instantly reminded me of Mad Men. I mean look at Doris’ updo, it’s almost exactly what Betty sports in Italy. This makes perfect sense, since That Touch Of Mink was released in 1962 (a year I solely equate with the second season of MM). This video is sort of a spoiler, but it’s got so many great features. For instance: working-girl Doris Day is employed at an Automat! And that is not like a laundromat for your car. No sir. It’s  miracle of mid-century restaurant engineering. You put you coin in a slot, open a little door, and pull out your dinner.

(I think I just like it because it eliminates the need for waiters)

I also have to recommend Pillow Talk, because it has Rock Hudson.


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This should have been on the blog the day it was published, and just because it’s late doesn’t mean it’s not awesome.

So much woman. Read the Esquire interview here.

Who Does Sally Draper Have the Hots For?

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So if you saw tonight’s episode of Mad Men, you know that after cutting her own hair (so transgressive!) Sally Draper is also accused of ‘playing with herself’ during a girl’s sleepover party. This may or may not be true. All the camera really showed was her touching her knees and getting all dreamy-eyed, which is about as delicate a visual interpretation of female masturbation as ‘playing with oneself’ is a silly euphemism for it. As she’s getting off, she’s watching an old ’60s spy show, featuring this pixie-cut sporting stud.

His name is David McCallum. He used to look like this (but now he’s over 70, so cool your jets (I’m looking at you, Sally)).

He’s a Scottish actor, but he plays a Russian-born secret agent in the The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a hot spy show in the ’60’s. Personally I’m not feeling him, but I’ve never been a big fan of those straw-haired Aryan types. I guess I’d prefer his swarthy partner.

But to each his own. Here’s the beginning of one episode of ‘The Man From UNCLE’, in case you’re curious about just how schmaltzy it gets.

If I were Sally, I’d go for a late-night episode of The Twilight Zone. That guy is foxy.


Making the Mad Men Bros Jealous

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So after I dug up that old ‘Vassarette’ ad yesterday, I realized I have a pretty fat catalog of old ads saved on my computer. Technically, you could find them on my Facebook page in the album ‘Old Fucking Ads’, but that’s Facebook, and we don’t support vulgarity here. Anyway, about three years ago I got a flat-tire in front of a yard sale, and tried to buy 3 Saturday Evening Posts from the 40’s/50’s. The old guy there insisted I take an entire stack, and, you know me, I don’t like to argue.

Then I peddled my flat-tired bike home. That’s OK though, I felt lighter than air thanks to my recently acquired old-school printed matter. Check it:

Smoke 'em while you got 'em

Smoke 'em while you got 'em

Don Draper WISHES he’d thought of a sexy nurse to sell Chesterfields.

Stick with it!

Stick with it!

This tennis player looks like a Nazi.

My personal fave brand

My personal fave brand

Did you guys guess the theme yet?

Cigarettes! Because I’m not just nostalgic for old-timey ads, but also for the days when people blithely smoked cigs all day long, inside and out, without the slightest tinge of cancer-related guilt. Shucks.


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