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Who knows how I find what I find online. Actually I suppose I could explain to you how I found the Pod Village of San Zhi (it involved some circuitous exploration of DIY interior design, then a trip to Web Urbanist, which is fast becoming a new favorite site). Web Urbanist has a list of something like 13 ghost towns worldwide, but this one in Taiwan caught my eye because it’s technicolor and Mod and reminds me of Kurokawa’s Nakagin Capsule Hotel in Tokyo (read about that here). But back to the Pod village…

It makes sense that they began construction on the complex in 1978, since it’s full of pop color and psychedelic lines. Too bad people started dying almost immediately during the construction, and locals and workers alike began attributing these deaths to bad luck, and maybe the bisection of an important dragon sculpture (the Taiwanese equivalent of building on an Indian burial ground?). Construction was scrapped around 1980, and no one ever lived there. Except squatters, and the angry dragon.

Unfortch they knocked it all down around 2008. So go find a hidden Pod Village of your own, let me know, and we’ll kick-start it in a psychedelic commune where everyone uses typewriters and no one defaces ancient statues.

Photos from My Several Worlds and Amazing Facts.


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