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Got a nice opportunity to write a Senior Retrospective for the Vassar graduating class of 2010. I’ve been reading through them all day, which is probably an unwise way to nourish my attachment to the school I’ll be leaving tomorrow, but hey.

Here’s mine.

The Miscellany News – Senior Retrospective | Jon Roth.

Breaking News: Men at Vassar

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I was reading through the LIFE archives and came upon this article about men at Vassar sort of accidentally. It’s from May of 1946. That year the school admitted almost 40 veterans “unable to find room in overcrowded men’s colleges” (nowadays there are only four or five men’s colleges in the country). I particularly like the first shot, because the dude with the broad collar in the front row looks extremely jazzed to be there. Heels crossed, spinnin’ game.

Where the Girls Are

I won’t summarize too much, because you should just read it here, but I particularly like how the incoming veterans were surprised by “the assortment of sloppy slacks and men’s shirts, rolled up jeans and sketchy shorts the girls sported”. Will someone tell me what they mean by sketchy shorts? Are they talking about the rolled denim cutoffs that loafer-loving girl is wearing in the first image? If so, I’m beginning to think ‘sketchy’ is Greatest Generation jargon for ‘presciently hipster’.

Sometimes I smoke cigs here.

Man cave.

Nowadays we don’t have a men’s reception room. Our rooms are strictly gender-neutral.

Time Enough at Last

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So I made the excellent decision to stay on campus until Sunday. I love almost everything about Vassar, but I don’t get to enjoy the half of it because I’m too busy catching up on reading or cranking out papers a day after the deadline. Vacations are the perfect time to relax on campus without the nagging reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing here (blah blah blah learning things).

It’s really beautiful today: the snow it melting, the sun is out. If I feel really bold, I may go outside with a book and some cigarettes and pretend it’s springtime. Unfortunately Vassar looks like a ghost town. It reminds me of this episode from the Twilight Zone. Probably my all time favorite. Luckily, I own contacts.

Project Vassar

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How about a Vassar clothing line?

Fashionista posted today about one of Harvard’s new measures to staunch their bleeding endowment (OK, graphic, but losing 18 mil is pretty serious). What are they doing? Launching a clothing line! It’s called Harvard Yard, and it will obviously capitalize on the preppy/collegiate craze vaunted by trust-funders and hip hoppers alike. Here’s a peek of what they’ll offer:

Considering the name-brand cred Vassar carries, especially for girls, and the daring style I see on campus daily, you have to wonder what a Vassar line would look like. MadsVassar recently linked to a GQ photoshoot with some Vassar apparel, so clearly some people (at Conde, no less) think our name is worth throwing on an editorial page. Realistically, the school doesn’t have the funds to launch this on the scale Harvard is doing, but at the very least, it would be great to see design-oriented students working on a smaller-scale project, fusing Vassar old-school and new-school, and selling some items online. High-waisted skirts, patent leather, scarves and pins, padded shoulders, cinched waists, you get the pikcha.

Apparently, the Vassar name works well for selling body-shaping undergear:

Git it, grrrl

Git it, grrrl

Plus, we could do so much better than that boxy Harvard jacket.


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